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Sheryl Staub-French PhD

Professor of Civil Engineering, and Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Faculty of Applied Science, University of British Columbia

Dr. Staub-French’s research is focused on understanding and improving best practices for the delivery of sustainable building construction projects through effective and collaborative use of building information modeling (BIM). Dr. Staub-French leads a targeted recruitment strategy for UBC Engineering that aims to increase the number of women enrolled in its programs to 50% by 2020. She is the Director of eng•cite, an outreach program that will be a key method both to recruit participants into planned research and translate knowledge. As Associate Dean, she helps to lead the engineering outreach program Geering Up!, which promotes engineering and STEM skills to kids and youth, parents and teachers. She also leads EDI initiatives in the Faculty of Applied Science to enhance the diverse representation of students in engineering, and to cultivate inclusive spaces and experiences that support all members of the community. 

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