RISE Workplace Culture Survey


How do your relationships with your coworkers influence your productivity and success?

Do certain organizational policies and practices foster greater coworker support?

Do you work in any of the following roles?

Scientist | Tech Professional | Engineer | Mathematician


Project RISE has partnered with your organization to seek your participation in innovative research on best practices to foster inclusion for women and men in STEM.  Project RISE is a part of a multi-year federally funded research partnership—Engendering Success in STEM (ESS)—between academic experts and industry leaders.

To optimize our training methods and metrics for STEM workplaces, the RISE Workplace Culture Survey will collect baseline data about employees’ experiences and current views.

Eligible participants must:

• Work full-time as a scientist, tech professional, engineer, or mathematician

How to participate:

• A link to the online survey will be sent to you from your employer

Expected time commitment to participate:

• Survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

• Complete survey during work hours at a time most convenient to you

Why should I participate?

• Findings from this survey will help your organization improve practices and policies around inclusion


If you have any questions or concerns about participation in the RISE Workplace Culture Survey, please read the FAQ below and/or email us at RISE@psych.ubc.ca



Please click on the frequently asked questions below to learn more about participating in the RISE Workplace Culture Survey.


How do I participate in the survey?

Follow the link included in the invitation email that was sent to you by your organization. Alternatively, contact us at RISE@psych.ubc.ca and we would be happy to send you the link to access the survey.

Who is eligible to participate?

To be eligible to participate, you must work full-time as a scientist, tech professional, engineer, or mathematician. If you think you might be eligible but aren’t sure, email us to ask at RISE@psych.ubc.ca.

How long is recruitment open?

Each organization has an internal deadline for recruitment purposes; if you are unsure of the deadline for your organization, please email us at RISE@psych.ubc.ca.

How long will the survey take?

The survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Can I take the survey during work hours?

Yes. As part of your organization partnering with Project RISE on the Workplace Culture Survey, they are supportive of all eligible employees to complete the survey during work hours at a time most convenient to you. Employee time spent completing the survey will be considered an in-kind contribution from your company to the Engendering Success in STEM: Project RISE research.

How many participants do you need for the survey?

As many as possible!  A rigorous study requires that we recruit and collect data from as many participants as possible.

What kind of results are you expecting?

Our past research has identified organizational and interpersonal factors that promote daily well being and productivity for employees working in science and technology fields. The Project RISE research takes this research further to investigate how team dynamics contribute to workplace culture and impact career success.

Will my participation be confidential?

Yes. As part of the survey, you will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself (e.g., gender, occupation) and about coworkers with whom you are in frequent daily contact, but at no point will you be asked to provide information such as your name or ID number. Only the primary investigator, co-investigator, and other qualified members of the research team will have access to the raw data; fully anonymized quantitative data may be shared with qualified academic experts as required for publication. The webserver used for this study uses a secure connection (SSL). (In other words, the data you transmit to us will be encrypted.) All data will be coded using a participant code we will assign your data. These data will be stored and encrypted on a secure server at the University of British Columbia.

Will my organization have access to my responses?

No. No individual-level data will ever be shared with your organization or other coworkers at your company. If there are a sufficient number of employees who participate from your company such that we are able to ensure confidentiality, certain aggregate responses (i.e., averaged across many people) may be shared with your company in a tailored report.

Will my organization know that I participated?

No. We will provide your organization with the number of their employees who have participated, but they will not be told the identities of those employees. In large organizations, we may provide information about the number of employees who have participated from a given department or location, but once again, your employer will not be told the identities of the people who have participated.

Will my colleagues know that I participated?

No. (Not unless you tell them!) For recruitment purposes, your organization will be made aware of the total number of their employees who have participated, which they may choose to share with you and your coworkers. However, no identifying information will be shared with your employer or colleagues.

How will the results be made available?

A summary report of recommendations for competitive workplace diversity & inclusion initiatives will be provided to your organization.

Additionally, the Project RISE team will prepare a variety of white papers, infographics, and reports summarizing the aggregate results, which will be hosted on our website (successinstem.ca). If you would like to receive a copy of a summary report from this study, please email us at RISE@psych.ubc.ca after October 2018.