Project RISE Inclusive Innovation Toolkit

Welcome to the RISE Toolkit!

Here you can find the survey and workshop materials that you will need to host a RISE workshop within your organization or institution. 


Workshop Slides

The Inclusion workshop slides are saved as two files to create the full slide deck. In order to facilitate the full workshop, the facilitator should have both files on hand. The script for the slides (located in the notes in the Powerpoint files) is also available as a PDF to support facilitation. 

Workshop Surveys

Below are the files for the in-workshop values and reflection surveys, the bias busters for the extended discussion period, and the action plan workshop for the final portion of the workshop.

We recommend printing out these files in advance of the workshop for participants to complete during the workshop.

  • Each participant will require a copy of the Values questionnaire, the Reflection survey, and the Action Plan worksheet.
  • Each pair of participants will require 1 copy of the Bias Booklet, which have been printed onto cardstock in previous workshops but could also be delivered via a digital format.